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Activities for Greens

Below is a list of different activities that are taken part in at the squadron. There really is a large range, and please respect that it will take time to get a page for them all live.

Duke Of Edinburgh
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One of the best things that is available for a cadet to take part in at the squadron is there Duke Of Edinburgh award. Find Out More...
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Shooting on the squadron is a popular activity. Once you have passed your training program you will be let loose on the target range, and will quickly begin to improve your shooting skills. You will start off with the Number 8 rifle, and then progress onto the L98.
Night Exercises
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Night Exercises can very hugely in objectives, from capturing a hostage, to defending your base. Night Exercises will provide anybody with fast-moving pulse raising fun.
Basic Navigation
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If you are going to do your Duke of Edinburgh, it is vital that you know how to get from A to B. In these lessons we will teach you how.
Nine Magen and Cotsford
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Cotsford is the lead-up to Nine Magen. In cotsford you will have to walk 50 miles in two days, and for nine magen your will have to walk 100 miles in four days. It is the ultimate stamina challenge.
Fist Aid
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These vital lessons will teach you how to deal with basic injuries and how to keep someone alive until assistance arrives.
Wing Activities
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Wing Activates is an enjoyable weekend of competing against other squadrons in activities such as Tug-Of-War.
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In the Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological warfare lessons you will learn how to react when under attack from NBC weapons. You will get to use Gas Masks and NBC suits to help simulate a realistic battle.
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If you are into modelling you will get to work with other cadets in building Balsawood model aircraft for use with the RTP.