2282 Somer Squadron ATC Website

Activities for Blues

Below is a list of different activities that are taken part in at the squadron. There really is a large range, and please respect that it will take time to get a page for them all live.

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Their are loads of different lessons available for Cadets. These vary from learning about different aircraft, to learning how they stay in the sky.
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The squadron has a dedicated modelling area. Here cadets can learn how to build modals which they can then fly on out ATP.
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Not the most enjoyable sounding thing, but many Cadets will claim that it is one of their favourites. Follow orders and keep perfectly in time with the rest of the Squad. If your good enough you can even enter into drill competitions.
Basic Navigation
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If you are going to do your Duke of Edinburgh, it is vital that you know how to get from A to B. In these lessons we will teach you how. Learn how to use a OS map, and from their how to make your own route card when planning your Duke of Edinburgh expedition.
Aircraft Recognition
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Learn how to identify and aircraft from its silhouette. This skills can be entered into competitions, although few people will take the subject, those who thoroughly enjoy it.