2282 Somer Squadron ATC Website

Why the ATC?

The Table below shows the differences between the different ACO organisations.

The information in the tables clearly shows that the ATC cover the widest Varity of things. It also shows that are the only organisation that will run the D of E award scheme. This is a valuable award scheme as it will help you gain extra UCAS point at University level.

Cadet Force What it offers Where Sponsors
CCF Always has an army based section, but may also have a Naval and RAF based section. Provides skills and leadership training related to the 'armed' Service. Usually found within Fee Paying) schools. May have compulsory element. Sponsored and supported by British Army.
ACF Provides leadership and field craft training skills. Usually located within the community. Voluntary, membership. Sponsored and supported by the British Army.
SCC Provides leadership and water based training skills. Usually located within the community. Voluntary membership. Supported by the Royal Navy.
ATC Provides all of the above plus Flying, Gliding and more, includes the D of E Scheme. Usually located within the community. Open. Voluntary, membership Sponsored by the RAF