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There are many opportunities in the ATC; fantastic camps, pulse raising activities like flying and gliding, chances to shoot and gain a marksmen award and many more. The squadron is run by a team of volunteers, some have been enrolled as officers by the ATC HQ, and others have been enrolled as adult NCOs. We also have a Team of Civilian Instructors (CIs). This is a team of people who are authorised to take the cadets on activities and to teach them some of the topics that they will be learning as part of the ATC.

Top Tip - Remember GRIT

Posted by Administrator on 13-05-2008

A useful Top-Tip to remember in the field when directing units is to use the GRIT system. This is normally used when support is required.
G - Group
R - Range
I - Indicator
T - Type of Fire

Below is an example of how to use it.

Group - Spitfire Flight
Range - 400m
Indicator - Half-right of arc, below tree line
Type of Fire - 20 pound mortars, 50 rounds

Then put it all together....

Spitfire flight! Range 400 meters! Half-right of arc, below tree line 20 pound mortar, 50 rounds! Seen?

Always add seen onto the end, when your squad replies seen you know they have seen the target, if
they say not-seen then you know you need to explain better.

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